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Tax Planning & Advice

Tax Planning & Advice

  • Property Transfer Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Donation Tax and Parental Grant
  • Income Tax
  • Uniform Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA)

Property Conveyance Tax

The property transfer tax burdens the purchaser. It is imposed on the assessed value of the property.
• Certain transfer tax statement is submitted to the Tax Authorities of the property’s location. The Tax Authorities will decide the amount of the tax to be paid.
• There are several exemptions for the property transfer tax that Law Tax in Greece Consulting can provide to our clients

Inheritance Tax

• Every natural person or legal entity that inherits property in Greece is obliged to file inheritance tax statements for the inherited property.
•The Tax Authorities will decide the amount of inheritance tax to be paid by the heirs.

Gift Tax

• For any kind of gift or donation (funds or real estate property) every natural person or legal entity accepts, there is a gift tax to be paid.
• Certain gift tax statements should be submitted before the competent Tax Authorities.

Law Tax in Greece Consulting can provide our clients will all tax-free amounts and exemptions for gift tax. We can also collect and submit on behalf of our clients all necessary documents and statements

Income Tax

• Any natural person or legal entity that receives money in Greece should pay taxes regardless of its nationality or residence.
• This obligation also implies if someone resides in Greece and receives money in Greece from abroad.
• Greeks or foreigners who live abroad, should file income statements if they
a) have income from leasing real estate property
b) have business in Greece
d) are members of any kind of company or partnership n Greece
e) change their property status by buying or selling property in Greece.

LAW TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING files all kind of tax statements and submits them to the relevant Tax Authorities on behalf of our clients.

In favor of our clients we also examine if Greece and the country where the Greek resident receives income, have executed any treaty for the avoidance of double taxation.

Property Tax (National Real Estate Tax)

Every natural person or legal entity with property rights in Greece in January 1st of each year should pay property tax.
• This tax is an annual fee estimated on the objective value of the property
Since January 1st, 2005, a declaration of property must be filed electronically by any natural or legal person at any time any modification to their property status takes place.

AFTER THE IMMIGRATION SERVICES, you will add the GOLDEN VISA with the following content:


It is a permanent residence permit offered to non-European residents who are interested in investing 250.000 € and above in Greece.

The benefits of the Golden Visa are numerous :

You can live in Greece and travel across the Schengen region without a visa.
You can rent your property and earn an income from your return on investment or even move to Greece with your family.

LAW TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING has helped many families to get their Golden Visa by finding the right property in Greece.