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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

  • Title Search
  • Property Survey
  • Appraisal of Property
  • Sale/Purchase of Property
  • Lease Contracts
  • Litigation in Greece

Title Search

• Research the titles of the property registered at the competent Land Registry or the National Cadastral (Ethniko Ktimatologio) where the property is located.
• Review the titles
• Make sure that the titles are in good legal order and clear (free of liens, claims, etc)

Property Survey

Draft topographical maps/blueprints in order to find out the actual surface of the property.

Sale/Purchase of Property

• Prepare and obtain all necessary documents from Greek Authorities for the execution of the deed of sale / purchase
• Prepare and submit all necessary documents before the competent Tax Authorities regarding the sale /purchase of the property
• Execute the deed of sale / purchase
• Register the deed of sale / purchase at the competent Land Registry and National Cadastral (Ethniko Ktimatologio)
• Wire-transfer the sale proceeds to clients’ bank accounts in Greece or abroad.

Appraisal of Property

Working with the realtors all over Greece in order to:
• Find out the assessed (objective) value of the property
• Find out the actual (market) value of the property.

Lease Contracts

Prepare, review and execute lease contracts as on behalf of the lessor and the lessee.

Litigation in Greece

• Execution of foreign court orders in Greece
• If a foreign court order of dissolution should be registered in Greece, this should be done through the Greek Courts following a certain procedure.
• Representation before civil, penal and administrative courts in Greece

We have encountered and handled successfully all kinds of litigation, also in regards with property (i.e. adverse possession, usufruct {chrisiktisia}, recognition of ownership, property rights registration before the competent National Cadastral, evictions, etc.).