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Immigration Services

Immigration Services

  • Greek Citizenship
  • Greek Passports
  • Naturalization

Greek Citizenship

It is very important for people who live abroad to get connected with their roots and therefore get the Greek citizenship and a Greek passport.

• Every person whose ancestors or one of them was a Greek citizen, can be registered as a Greek citizen himself.
• Certificate of the ancestors’ registration from the Greek Municipality as well as certificates of marriages, births that took place abroad are required.
• Above certificates should be registered at the Special Registry of Athens which will issue relevant Greek certificates
• Greek certificates issued by the Special Registry of Athens should be submitted to the Municipality where the ancestor had been registered.
• There should be a decision by the competent Authority regarding the recognition of the Greek nationality of the applicant which should be registered furthermore to the competent Municipal Rolls.

Greek Passports

With the certificate of recognition of Greek citizenship the applicant can proceed with getting the Greek passport.