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Estate Planning & Advice

Estate Planning & Advice

  • Parental Gifts
  • Inter-vivos Gifts, Donations
  • Wills

Parental Gifts

The Greek families are well-known for the concern they have for their children’s future. That’s why parents in Greece are trying to supply their children with assets that may be possible to help them create their future family and build a professional life.

The Parental Gifts for real estate property have a more favorable treatment by the Tax Authorities than the Gifts made by third parties.

It is a deed executed by a notary which is signed by parties, the gifted parent(s) and the child/children.

This deed is concerned as deed of ownership for the gifted property and it should be registered to the competent Land Registry and the National Land Registry.

Inter-vivos Gifts, Donations

•The inter-vivos gifts concern a real estate property gift which is gifted while the grantor is still alive

•The donations concern a real estate property gift which will be owned by the grantee upon the grantor’s passing away.

LAW TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING takes care of both kinds of inter-vivos gifts and donations by preparing all necessary drafts of the deeds, collecting all required certificates and documents for the execution of the abovementioned deeds of gift and donation so that the client will get the completed deeds and the certificates of their registration to the competent Land Registries and National Cadastral


One of the ways of estate planning is to manage the property upon the testator’s death according to his last desire, that is to say according to his will.

In Greece the will can be either written by the testator himself, it is called “holographic” or can be executed or kept by a notary (symvolaiografos).

LAW TAX IN GREECE CONSULTING can provide our clients with drafts of wills and provide advice for a better estate planning with the less possible taxation.